Spark Your Yoga Challenge Details

Blog Spark Your Yoga Challenge Details

Sparks Yoga hosts a yoga class challenge for the Summer
Spark Your Yoga Challenge: 

Commit to a personal number of yoga classes you want to take this Summer.

Track your classes May 1st through July 31, 2018. We’ll host an end of challenge party in August to celebrate!



How to Track Your Practices:

Sign-up at the studio and fill out your challenge sheet, and we’ll hang it up for you. Add a sticker to your sheet as you take classes.

The “Rules”

Complete Your Goal Number of Practices between May 1st and July 31st.
– You can take double classes in a day.
– You are allowed to count 3 practices at other studios if you’re out of town/traveling. Post a picture at the out of town studio and use hashtag #sparksyogachallenge. Mark any out of town practices on your tracking sheet like other practices….yogis honor!
– Workshops count as two practices.

Connect With Your Yoga Community:

The challenge is a great way to connect with other yogis, challenge participants, and your Sparks teachers!

Social Media:

We encourage you to announce your participation and post challenge updates on Instagram and Facebook! Use hashtag #SparkYourYoga and tag us @sparksyogamacon so that we can see your posts! You can even check-in on Facebook to be entered into an extra drawing at the end of our challenge too 🙂

Friendly Advice:

The Spark Your Yoga Challenge provides a GREAT time for you to explore new classes and teachers at Sparks Yoga. Also, we are not here to “police” you. This is a challenge you have decided to take on personally. You do what feels right to you!

You can do this! Commit now!

*Note: your Challenge registration is free and does not include yoga.

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