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Spark Your Intention Summer Challenge

With the start of the summer challenge, one of my favorite things to watch is the excitement people get when they put a star up on their challenge sheet after completing class. What is it about the star system that brings back the satisfaction of childhood days when we used to receive stars for excelling?! For me, this reward system helps keep me in check and accountable to myself. It makes me proud to stamp my star of accomplishment by my name (or it gets me to class when I am lacking)!

For most of us, it is easier to show up for others. But what about for ourselves? We all know yoga is good for us, but why is it so hard to get to class? Why do we make excuses and often put our well-being last? If we don’t show up for ourselves, eventually we will run down; and, we won’t be able to show up for anyone else either. I’m not saying it will be easy. I have to constantly remind myself to slow down, say no, and take time to practice the lessons I teach. What I am saying is that it will be worth it!

So show up for YOU. Take care of YOU. It’s not selfish. It is necessary.

That is what the “Spark Your Intention Summer Challenge” is all about.

Set your intention. Set your class goal. Then simply make time for yourself.

We think you will be proud of what you can accomplish in a few short months. Maybe we will create some great habits together. Either way, at the end of your challenge, you will know you were good to yourself all summer long!


Grateful for you,


(**You have through May 19th to sign up. Sign up in the studio**)

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