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A Story of Love

Josh and I opened Sparks almost one year ago. We set out to build a place where people could gather to practice yoga, get to know other positive people, and ultimately cultivate a loving community. Watching these dreams unfold into reality over this past year has been an inspiration. Sparks is truly a special community because of the people who are a part of it…a special place because of YOU!

I’ve always referred to the Sparks community as the “Sparks family” because that is what I believe this studio is: A Family. A family who is there for and kindly challenges and cares for one another. Josh and I want to thank you for being a part of this beautiful group of people – this family – and for showing such strength, love, and support over this last month especially.

Many of you know that on March 14th, at five and a half months pregnant, we lost our precious son, Campbell Curran Carson. “Camp”. The pain that comes from losing a child is indescribable because of the depth of which it runs. As the healing process begins, we feel that it is important that we stay present and faithful. The love that has, and continues to surround us is too compelling to allow us to stay silent. The uncountable ways in which the teachers, students, and others in this community have wrapped us up in love, prayers, and support has been a humbling and overwhelming experience.

While we grieve a huge loss, we also see great light…and we want to THANK YOU for shining so brightly and providing such unbelievable Love. We’d like to believe that what grows from unspeakable tragedies will always be: LOVE, LIGHT, & FAITH.

Wishing you all three,

Megan & Josh

11 thoughts on “A Story of Love

  1. So beautiful! We love you guys! You’re in our thoughts and prayers daily!

    So so so grateful for the time and energy you’ve spent cultivating such a strong and vibrant community and family! Thank you!

  2. Megan: So, so, so very sorry for your unbelievable loss. Know that you are lifted up in prayer by yet another family. Praying for peace in your heart as you grieve and try to navigate a journey you never thought you’d take.
    Martha (and Ann) Thompson

  3. Megan and Josh, Jim and I were so sad to hear about the loss of your precious baby boy. We have been praying for healing for both of you. Glad you have such a big net of support pulling you in and holding you close. Much love to both of you!

  4. My heartfelt condolences to you and Josh. I can’t imagine a worse pain than that of a parent losing their child. I grieve with you for once you are a parent you know how much love you feel for your children. I am so sorry, Megan.

  5. Thank YOU for providing a platform and peaceful encouraging space for this community to continue to grow. Sending loving wishes to support and comfort you both.. Caroline

  6. Megan and Josh
    Cookie and I are so sad to hear about your loss of your sweet baby boy. We will be praying for you during the coming days and months.
    May God’s grace sustain you during this time.
    Much Love

  7. Oh friend, my heart, my soul, my everything breaks for your loss. I had no idea of any of this; the blessing of your son or your loss. Please forgive me for not staying closer over the years…though we’ve had miles between us, that inconvenience should have been overwhelmingly fought for by the steadfastness nature of true friendship. Please know that quietly I’ve always held you and Josh so dear to me. So please hear me when I say how my heart grieves for you.

    I will be lifting you high in prayer that God overwhelms you with the perfect tender love only the Father can give to grieving parents. I pray that in His grace He will knit your hearts back together in the most beautiful way as you gaze upward knowing your sweet Camp is in perfect peace with his Maker. And may peace and joy that transcends all understanding be returned to you in His Name. I love you dear friend

  8. I am so incredibly sorry to hear your news. You guys are so unbelievably strong. If there is anything I can do for you,please allow me to. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family.

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