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Finding a Community

Author:Megan Carson

The idea for Sparks Yoga came from the desire to give back to and truly be a part of the Macon community. Josh and I both grew up in Macon, but when we decided to put roots down here together, we wanted to do more than simply live here. We are watching Macon, and specifically downtown Macon, ignite with a new sense of growth, community focus, and historic preservation, and we knew we had to be a part of it.

So what did we do? We bought a house in downtown Macon, and a few days later, we decided to open a yoga studio less than a half mile from our new home. Some could say it was impulsive, or a bit hasty. I would call it a beautiful leap of faith.

I think one of the main reasons that I wanted to be a part of the Macon community is because community is such an important piece within the practice of yoga. A lot of people may feel like yoga is a solo practice, but to me, it is all about the people who surround you. Time and again, I witness a group of hurried, stressed out strangers walk into one of my yoga classes. There is little eye contact walking in, and they all rush to put their mats down far from one another’s space. Then 60 minutes later, they walk out laughing together, smiling, breathing deeper and treading lighter. There is a connectedness that forms in that room, among those strangers. For just that short hour class, everyone has the same goal. Everyone is there for a purpose, and the practice not only transforms their personal goals, but it unites them together. This is what real community is all about.

Yoga has the amazing ability to both strengthen the individual while creating a collective. That is what building Sparks has been for me. I have worked harder than I ever have in my life, yet I have been supported more than I could have ever imagined. The studio opens on Friday, and Josh and I have already seen this amazing community come out to help, support, cheer on, and encourage what we are doing. We created this space to be somewhere that people could find inspiration…little did we know the true inspiration would find us.


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  1. Thank you for creating a safe environment for me to “let go.” Trying to relax is very hard to do and even harder around strangers, the teachers helped me to focus on me. I am creating some time for me, so your studio is my focus.

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